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DELSA designs and implements solutions in order to automate the productive process in your company, being mainly concentrated on hot stamping and assembly of plastic items.

The technical office and the management directly reply to the requests of the Clients, submitting to them a quote accompanied by a preliminary plan.

DELSA follows in any details the development of the works, including, but not limited to the planning of the machinery, the carrying out of the components in the workshop, the assembly and the final test in presence of the Client’s technicians. 

DELSA is certified in compliance with the standards QUALITY ISO 9001:2000 and ENVIRONMENT ISO 14001:2004. During the years the company went on with the investment of its profits, increasing and updating its infrastructures.

In order to know the company better, you can find below a brief summary of the main occurrences which characterised its history: 

In 1982 Dante Dellea resigned from its job as designer in the company Verest s.r.l., because the board did not believe in its innovative ideas and did not invest anymore in the construction of the prototypes he designed.
Therefore Dante decided to autonomously cultivate its ideas, establishing his company, DELSA, which in 1985 turned from a general partnership into a limited liability company, taking its current name.

In 1991 DELSA invested in the construction of its own building, which had an initial surface of 1950 square metres, but in 1998 reached the current surface of 3250 square metres due to a following extension.

In 2000 the company reached the goal of 1000 machines sold from the its establishment. In 2002 was awarded the quality certification ISO 9001:2000 and won the third prize in the contest for the technological innovation organised by Provincia di Varese.

In 2006 the company was awarded with the environmental quality certification ISO 14001:2004.

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