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Delsa s.r.l. performs mechanical manufacturing operations on commission.

The workshop department is capable of meeting both the internal and external requests, thanks to its big machine fleet.

It includes six automatic work centres, three numeric-controlled lathes, two grindings (both flat and cylindrical) and other manual machineries.

With reference to complex manufacturing operations on mid-sized pieces, Kitamura manufacturing facilities are used.

On the other hand, Rema Control machineries enable to manufacture big pieces, such as long bars or plates.

The programmes for CNC machineries are performed by an operator which works with two different software packages CAD/CAM: VX (cam 3D) and PACW (cam 2D).

The first of them enables the implementation of programmes for complex manufacturing operations, including, but not limited to shaped exhausted and curved surfaces.

The second facilitates and speeds up the programming of manufacturing operations on flat surfaces.

Mechanical manufacturing operations are performed on big series of pieces (around 50-100), both on complex pieces and pieces that can be manufactured only in long periods (cycles with 30, 60 or more minutes).

The quality of the finished products is excellent, thanks to the precision and flexibility of the used machineries.

Any single request is processed in details by the owner and workshop assistants, in order to ascertain its feasibility and the details of the manufacturing operations.






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