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From its establishment, around 30 years ago, DELSA s.r.l. is coordinated and managed by its owner Dante Dellea, whose experience as designer allows him to have a deep knowledge of the product. 

Technical office
The broad experience of the internal technical office in the design of special machineries for the assembly, decoration and hot stamping of plastic items totally meets the design and software programming requirements.
It covers mechanics (structure and kinematics), as well as electro-pneumatic automation (plant) and logics (PLC Programming).

The workshop department is capable of meeting both the internal and external needs, thanks to its large machine fleet: including automatic workstations, numeric-controlled lathes, two grindings (both flat and cylindrical) and other manual machineries. The workshop carries out most of the manufacturing operations inside the company, but also works on behalf of third Parties, building batches of pieces on commission. 

The whole mounting is performed inside the company by assembling Delsa machineries both at mechanical and electro-pneumatic level, as well as setting the control software. The assembly phase ends with the final test at the presence of the client.

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