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Delsa builds machineries in order to solve handling problems which occur during the various production processes.

There are two main kinds of automation machines: palletizers and manipulators.

Palletizers and de-palletizers enable the storage of any kind of items on heat-formed pallets, as well as to manage the movement of manufactured and semi-manufactured pieces in an orderly and flexible way.

A pallettizer can be placed below an injection press in order to store the plastic pieces that have just been stamped on the pallets.

Subsequently the pallets can be loaded on a depalletizer placed over a stamping machine, in order to automatically loaded the semi-manufactured pieces for hot stamping.

By including the two Delsa machineries in the production line the procedure will be easier and more orderly, and pieces will not have to be handled manually.

Automation machineries include also special machines that carry out specific tasks, instead of the traditional hot stamping or assembly operations.






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