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Delsa performs machineries to assembly different kinds of products, ranging from cosmetic items to simple mechanisms.

Delsa machineries can automate any assembly procedure, which schedules many items to be produced and a linear sequence of operations to be carried out to mount the finished piece.

In cosmetics, Delsa already built machineries to assembly the components of lipsticks, mascara, small brushes, powder compacts and mirrors, as well as sprayers and valves for perfume bottles and sprays.

With reference to simple mechanisms, the items with whom Delsa more frequently works include capsules and dispensers for the capping of bottles.

Also machineries for special applications are built, such as assembly of switches, meters and pot handles.

All the assembly machineries have in common some technical characteristics.

The components to be assembled are loaded through vibratory feeders and operated through mechanical cam-activated or pneumatic arms.

Any phase of the assembly is followed and monitored through position photocell and sensors.

The work cycle is check by a PLC unit. Instructions are given to the machinery through a push button panel. Machineries can include hot stamping groups supported by mounting groups.






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